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In addition to conventional lathes, milling and boring machines, we prefer machinery of the manufacturer Mazak, when undertaking the majority of work, in order to guarantee the highest standard. We also work with the CNC controlled machinery of Okuma, Bulmark and Weipert in the area of turning technology.
The dimensions of completed working pieces are a minimum of 3 mm/by a maximum of 1.5 mm. Dimensions of up to 1600 mm/by 450 mm. There is virtually no material which we cannot process.

An overview of the CNC lathes
 Mazak Integrex
 5 axis simultaneously on 2 shafts 
 Main + sub shaft
 x 300   y 250 B-30/+210   z 1600
 Mazak Nexus 400  x 450  z 2100
 Mazak QT 300ML  x 250  z 1500
 Mazak Nexus 250 IIM  x 250  z 1500
 Okuma LB15 IIM  x 250  z 1000
 Okuma LB15 W  x 250  z 500
 Okuma LB15  x 250  z 500
 Bulmak C11MT  x 250  z 1500
 Bulmak CU 582  x 350  z 2000 
 Weipert  x 250  z 1500

An overview of the CNC milling machines
 Deckel FP 5 CCT  x 800   y 500   z 500 
 Deckel FP4 4 NC  x 600  x 500  z 500 
 Deckel FP3 NC  x 400  x 400  z 400 
 Mazak VTC 20 B  x 1200  x 550  z 600 
 Kaiser CNC K 400   x 440  x 300  z 300 

An overview of the CNC grinding machines
 Elb - Sharpening  x 600  y 300  z 400
 Fortuna circular grinding  x 300  z 1000

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