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Maschinenbau Kaiser Precision over the past 30 years

The Kaiser Maschinenbau GmbH family business was founded in Zülpich in 1985.

Our company is currently located since 1990 in the Kall industrial estate. The Kall industrial estate was chosen to be logistically connected to all transport routes, thus guaranteeing short-term deliveries worldwide: deliveries on a daily basis.

Production of rollers - cylinders - shafts - components and modules

Production of rollers - cylinders - shafts - components and modules

Our principle area of activity includes:

Die The development and manufacturing of guide rollers for the paper and textile processing industries ...

CNC Machinery

CNC Machinery

Our plant consists of modern CNC controlled machinery in order to achieve the highest level of precision.

It is our preference to work with Deckel, Okuma and Mazak machinery ...



We machine work and process steel, stainless steels, aluminium, plastics and casting.

Development - Design and manufacturing

Development - Design and manufacturing

Construction of components, modules, plant and machinery including pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics according to customer requirements


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An overview of our principle areas of activity

We undertake on your behalf the development and design, as well as manufacturing of modules, plant and components, including pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics.

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Our unique selling points

Why we are the best choice for your needs

Why we are always your first choice!

Our replacement parts, individual elements and components are manufactured to the highest technical manufacturing level, as well as to your own required standards.

Our top priority -
Quality above quantity

After production, each individual workpiece is inspected and assembled manually, and only after it has passed the quality control / function control test, is it certified ready for despatch.

Competent & flexible solutions for our customers

We are always available for our customers – therefore, a customer-oriented solution is always our focal point.

The scope of our expertise

Within the scope of our projects, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the metal, paper and glass processing industries as well as in medical and environmental technology.

Why we are the best choice for your needs
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